4Wall, Absen Help The Airlot, Inc Build Largest Virtual Production Stage in Florida

Orlando, FL – Florida’s largest virtual production stage, The Airlot 21, has officially opened. The all-new 22,000 sq. ft. stage is located on the backlot at Universal Studios, Florida, in Orlando. The Airlot, Inc partnered with the best in the business using state-of-the-art technology from 4Wall Entertainment and the world’s leading provider of LED display solutions, Absen. The media servers were provided by disguise.

The Airlot Largest Virtual Production Stage built by 4Wall and Absen-01.png

The project came into existence after a brief phone call from The Airlot, Inc.

“It just so happened we were already heading to Orlando for InfoComm, so we immediately set up a meeting,” said 4Wall Director of Production Ben Danielowski. “2 weeks later, we had a deal in place and started figuring out how to source this much gear, in the midst of the supply chain calamity.”

The Airlot Largest Virtual Production Stage built by 4Wall and Absen-02.png

The team hit the ground running and started to spec the gear for the massive LED video wall. The wall was built using 1,022 Absen PL2.5 Pro video tiles.

“The Absen product’s 8800:1 contrast ratio was the most obvious stand-out feature when we tested it alongside other LED screens,” explained Director of LED Services Wayne Romanowski. “The blacks read as black on a scope and to the eye. Coupling that physical feature with Brompton receiving cards and utilizing Brompton’s HydraCal calibration system, the PL2.5 Pro overachieves on the color spectrum with a 16-bit grayscale and HDR10. The 2.5mm pixel pitch gives you a slightly higher resolution of 200×200 pixel per panel than comparable tiles in this market.”

The Airlot Largest Virtual Production Stage built by 4Wall and Absen-03.png

The team planned for a 14-day install but with the infrastructure in place at Universal Studios’ Stage 21, were able to build this volume much faster than initially expected. The rigging was complete in two days, and the physical LED build took an additional three days.

“The Airlot studio is showing the wonderous possibilities for LED stages in an Airbnb format for a variety of content producers,” said Absen Account Manager Webster Moyle. “We love showing that Abesn is trying to make the world shine brighter with our innovative products and services.”

The Airlot Stage 21 is a turnkey virtual production solution that is ready to host any size production today. For more information The Airlot 21 or booking requests, please contact

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