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Public Event + LED Display

Public event often bring together a large audience and exert a huge social impact. Excellent quality, stable equipment is essential for smooth management of public events and an optimal audience experience. Over the past decades, as an expert in displays, Absen has been providing customers with LED displays that feature enduring stability, high definition, and high color reproduction, and enable the creation of an immersive and unforgettable stage experience for live audiences.

CaseThe 30th Southeast Asian Games Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony of the 30th Southeast Asian Games, Absen helped the organizer recreate an iconic scene of a bamboo forest in the Philippines with a artistic and flexible stage background realized by independent splicing and a full screen display. The display worked continuously and stably around the clock for many days, helping showcase these magnificent visual effects and adding a spectacle to a unique opening ceremony.

Corporate Event + LED Display

Corporate event such as press conferences, product launches, forums and corporate annual meetings are important occasions where enterprises release new products, promote corporate culture, and attract investment. The creative integration of LED displays and digital content can help enterprises highlight product designs and unique styles.

CaseCeline Spring/Summer 2020 Show at Paris Fashion Week

Securing a unique runway is important for major fashion brands to stand out at the Paris Fashion Week. With Absen’s professional technical solutions, Celine built a runway teeming with creativity, which allowed the audience to soak in its fashion ideas.

Concert Touring + LED Display

The development of audiovisual technology has resulted in higher expectations for the staging effect of live concerts. As a carrier to relay stage performances and an integral part of modern live concerts, LED displays allow the audiences to enjoy stage performances even from a distance as they are happening. In addition, together with lasers, dry ice, and pyrotechnics, LED displays also augment the stage.

CaseStrandfestival ZAND 2019, the Netherlands

Strandfestival ZAND is the most popular beach music festival in the Netherlands. With easy disassembly and transportation and support for one-person fast installation and maintenance, Absen helped the organizer finish the speedy setup of stage screens. Weather is an uncontrollable element that factors into the management of outdoor music festivals. Absen's professional outdoor LED stage products are designed to feature a high degree of protection, superior weather-ability, excellent water resistance, and high wind resistance to guarantee their use in the smooth running of events.

Broadcasting Studio + LED Display

Television shows are often recorded in studios, which use a variety of light, electrical, and sound equipment to create creative conditions. Studios nowadays pay more attention to interactive displays that can enrich program content and effects through virtual-real fusion and remote interaction. Absen provides professional virtual production LED solutions to immerse the cast in the creative environment and present better effects.

CaseSterling Virtual Studio, UK

With a 16-meter-long, 3-meter-wide curved LED display boasting excellent display effects on the cameras, Absen helped Sterling Event Group, a UK-based technical event production company, create an innovative virtual studio. With a large LED display, program producers can interact with audiences in a more visually compelling way, through webinars or other virtual events conducted through online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Go To Meeting, Skype, and Webex.

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