Absen Brings Virtual LED Booth Experience to All

Following the success of the 1st of June online event, global LED manufacturer Absen has extended the availability of its virtual booth showcasing its product portfolio and its online event, accessible to anyone who wishes to attend.

The online experience stages Absen’s products, all within a fully interactive and free-to-navigate virtual booth. The online event spanned the morning and afternoon of the 1st of June, and covered the advantages of LED in immersive experiences and featured a live Q&A for audiences across the globe.

The booth, split into sections such as corporate, virtual studios, retail and MicroLED, enables visitors to see Absen’s products up close and personal from the comfort of their homes. Each section of the booth features a voiceover explaining the section for visitors, and features Absen’s latest products, such as the AbseniCon3.0, Aurora Series and Jade Dragon series, for each market. The products are fully interactable for visitors and feature detailed information such as product specifications, case study videos of real-life applications and product brochures.

“The virtual booth is designed to be an immersive experience, presenting all the creative applications for LED in a variety of markets,” said Jessica Golding, Absen’s European brand manager. “The booth allows visitors to explore just how powerful LED can be in all areas, by expands on Absen’s years of experience in applications of all shapes and sizes and presenting them for anyone to see.”

The segments of the booth consider the most common applications for LED within each space.

For retail, visitors can see and experience examples of LED on the retail floor, as well as use in fitting rooms, ceilings and other uniquely shaped applications, something Absen’s flexibly designed LED is able to accommodate with ease. 

Absen Brings Virtual LED Booth Experience to All.png

For virtual solutions, visitors can explore a virtual studio, where the Polaris series, Mars series, and Venus series have been used to recreate a studio which uses of LED instead of traditional green screens. Visitors will be able to see and discover the vast applications of an LED virtual studio and see a video on a case study exploring a real-life virtual studio which uses Absen’s LED solutions.

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Supporting the virtual booth, the online event, available using the link below, explores the latest LED technology and showcases immersive LED installations Absen has curated the backbone for. The event is split into two sections. Both sessions will allow users to explore the different products available as shown in Absen’s virtual booth.

The first session begins by providing attendees with a 25-minute immersive LED overview with Absen’s industry product director, Christian Czimny. This is followed by a look into Absen’s product portfolio and finished with a Q&A where audiences were able to receive live answers from Absen’s experts.

Absen Brings Virtual LED Booth Experience to All 4.png

The second session looks into the capabilities of immersive LED in retail with Absen’s retail industry director, Ben Phelps. This is followed by a 25-minute look into hybrid meeting spaces, which are fast becoming adopted across the industry, and their application. This session also finishes with a Q&A.

Absen Brings Virtual LED Booth Experience to All 5.png

“We wanted to host an event that would allow professionals from across the industry to safely, and securely, interact with and view our products up close. The online booth has carefully been designed to allow users to experience our technologies as close to reality as possible, without the current limitations or health and safety concerns,” said Golding. “The success of the online event and the feedback we’ve received from the virtual booth has persuaded us to extend these experiences for the long term.”

As a leading player in the LED display market, Absen’s marketing team keeps you connected with the pulse of the industry. We curate and share the most up-to-date news, advancements, and success stories, ensuring that you stay ahead in the dynamic world of LED displays.

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