Absen embraces 2024, reflecting on a strong and successful 2023

Absen, global leader in LED display solutions, reflects upon ten benchmark projects that highlight a successful 2023 and embraces the opportunities created for 2024 with a sense of pride in the company’s remarkable successes. With several major indicators of success to draw upon, Absen recognises with appreciation the accumulative hard work of all within Absen as well as Absen’s customers and partners, for their contributions towards the company’s financial growth in 2023.

Equally, 2023 witnessed the completion of Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Center. Successfully delivered and put into use, the centre has laid a solid foundation for the company’s present and future production capabilities.

Absen would like to extend its thanks to its global customers for the trust in and support of Absen over the last year. It is with great thanks and appreciation that Absen highlights some of the highest profile and major projects from 2023, from across the globe and selected from Absen’s diverse market space.

State-of-the-art DOOH Display adds dynamism to Shenzhen’s Finance Centre

With its high-definition visuals and captivating visual effects, the 3,000 square metre outdoor LED display on Shenzhen’s International Finance Centre leaves a lasting impression on both locals and visitors alike. The impressive installation, which contributes to the city’s dynamic atmosphere, is crafted from Absen’s C15-31Plus next generation outdoor mesh display, provides a lightweight, 8000nits High Brightness solution perfect for building facades.

Creativity combines with Absen’s wide product portfolio

The World’s First Internet-themed Science and Technology Museum, located in Wuzhen, China, made full use of Absen’s wide variety of creative LED solutions. The museum offers an immersive experience that spans 1100㎡ and features a wide array of exhibits from future technological applications through true-to-life displays, glasses-free 3D technology, and AI-based digital human dialogue.

Absen flexes its sporting prowess

More than ever in 2023, the eyes of the world turned to Women’s professional football. During the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, a total of over 2000sqm of Absen LED display screen elements were spotted across the stadiums in which the global tournament was played. Absen’s impeccable reputation in sport LED products held fast with superior product offerings such as its A99 stadium perimeter display, built to the most stringent technical standards for the industry. Absen’s A99 assures stability and reliability with modules braced for the elements.

Absen provides Digital Intelligence Assurance

The opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games held in Hangzhou, China, was hailed as a stunning audio-visual feast. Absen was honoured to be part of the officially certified Digital Intelligence Assurance team for the Games where the company delivered top-notch display services. A total of 1300 square meters of display at the stadiums ensured seamless operation in all aspects throughout the games.

Absen embraces the theme of the 2023 World Expo in Doha, Qatar

Only the highest calibre presentation is acceptable on the world stage and Absen was well represented at the 2023 World Expo held in Doha, Qatar. With this year’s theme, “Green Desert, Better Environment”, Absen captivated visitors with stunning visuals and unrivalled display quality.

At one of the most exceptional international events of the year, 870 square metres of Absen’s State-of-the-Art PL2.9 W-Plus V.2 LED screens were in place to seamlessly convey information and create a memorable experience for all who attended. The crystal-clear high-definition display supported informative presentations and captivating multimedia displays – whilst the unique high-low staggered shape added a touch of sophistication and visual impact to the event site.

Immersive entertainment with a unique visual aesthetic

The superlative visual performance of Absen’s LYRA Series of high transparency displays has proved a popular choice throughout 2023.

In Singapore, for the concert of Asian singing sensation Jacky Cheung, a collaborative endeavour between production company, UnUsUaL Limited and Absen led to the delivery of a very special visual performance. With UnUsUal’s assistance, the LR series delivered not only perfect colour reproduction and ultra-wide viewing angles to ensure an immersive entertainment space for audiences, but also the unique visual aesthetic of an open-close LED display door fabrication on the stage.

All the world is an Absen stage

In Guatemala, award-winning Latin America band, Grupo Firme’s, concert, produced in collaboration with Absen partners, RN SOUND!, delivered a memorable experience for fans of the band with 500 square metres of NT Series LED display. Born to create a big stage, the NT3.9W displays were strategically placed throughout the concert venue to ensure an immersive view of the stage for every member of the audience.

The sky’s the limit

Many Absen projects demonstrate the company’s alignment with state-of-the art vision. The enchanting new world of Dreamscape’s mesmerizing digital sky at Changi Airport T2 Expansion (T2E), Singapore is just one of those projects. The digital sky with its distinctive shape and flawless splicing are formed from over 260 square metres of Absen’s N-Plus Series LED screens which offer an unparalleled experience for all who behold it. The picturesque scenery is brought to life with the realistic and vivid visual performance of the N-Plus series.

Welcomed everywhere as a perfect fit…

Montreal, Quebec’s Theatre Saint-Denis boasts over 100 years of history and the installation of LED display was necessarily blended to suit the spatial characteristics of the building and more than 240 square metres of Absen N Series delivered a stunning visual feast from inside to outside.

In the lobby, Absen N2PLUS provides a holistic and immersive viewing experience. Outside, in snowy and freezing conditions, N4PLUS performs impeccably to display inspiring content and promotional ads with excellent visual impact. Highly stable with excellent visual performance Absen’s N Series is a priority option for advertisers in all variations of extreme weather.

Absen shapes the new reality

Absen’s dedicated virtual production brand, Absen Live, was created to meet the specific needs of the distinct new virtual stage. Based in Italy, Moviechrome Pixel Reality studio chose Absen PR technology to power its virtual production studio. The studio’s LED Volume, specifically crafted for virtual production, boasts a 2.5mm pixel pitch resolution from Absen’s PR Series to ensure hyper-realistic outputs, a high contrast ratio and unparalleled color fidelity.

In short, 2023 was a very productive and successful year for Absen. Strong cohesion in the company’s teams, combine with significant improvements in competencies are demonstrated in the remarkable growth in our performance. Absen looks forward to the continued achievement of outstanding results, with thanks to suppliers for their strong support and distributors for their trust in the Absen brand of Absen and their hard work.

As a leading player in the LED display market, Absen’s marketing team keeps you connected with the pulse of the industry. We curate and share the most up-to-date news, advancements, and success stories, ensuring that you stay ahead in the dynamic world of LED displays.

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