Absen Global Seminar Hosted in Wuhan

On September 4th, Absen hosted a global seminar in Wuhan, Hubei province. We are more than happy to have successfully hosted the grand brand promotion seminar in this hero city, meeting the partners, customers and friends of Absen. Let’s explore tomorrow, together!


Absen Global Seminars are events which engage the existing and new clients of Absen, where the participants could talk about what’s new in the industry and the company showcases its most innovative LED display technologies. 

Since the epidemic situation in China has been gradually under control and people’s life has come back to normal, various events are happening all over the country. Absen has restarted its global seminar tour in June. Up to now five on-site seminar events were hosted in five cities in China, including Chengdu, Hefei, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang and Zhengzhou.

The Global Seminar tour came to Wuhan last Friday, which was the city where Covid-19 epidemic first broke out in December 2019 and now has been recovering with the tremendous efforts of the Chinese government and the people. 

The seminar event taking place in Wuhan means more for Absen and every attendee as Wuhan was the first city hit by the global pandemic. It featured a key note speech from vice president of Absen, Dennis Ren, and a presentation about Absen’s latest technologies and products, by Rao, the product manager of Absen, as well as the channel building strategies and policies. 


VP of Absen, Dennis Ren


Product manager of Absen, Rao


General manger of South China market, Andy SU

In this event, Absen has brought a range of LED display products including the XD series, KL series, GS series and three robust MiniLED products, A27 Pro series, CR0.9 and HC1.2. The company’s MiniLED products boast the cutting edge IMD 4-in-1 technology, which provides greater pixel density, visual performance and ruggedness, delivering 2.5x times the pixel strength. Participants were able to get hands-on and experience the products by themselves.

Seminar events are focused especially on safety this year. Aspiring to be the most safety-concerned LED display, Absen has set strict corporate standards for product quality control management and keeps providing its global customers with safe and reliable LED products. 

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