Absen presents eye-catching immersive solutions at ISLE 2023

Global LED solutions manufacturer, Absen will showcase its latest technologies in LED display at ISLE – the International smart display and integrated system exhibition (7-9 April 2023, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, China) – in April. Absen extends an invitation and a warm welcome to all who are visiting the exhibition. The three-day event focuses on screen display technology, integrated AV systems, LED & signage, and delivers an immersive experience to global buyers.

On its stand K02 in Hall 12, Absen will host a vivid selection of display features, with its flown Naked-Eye 3D LED wall dominating the stand. Naked-Eye 3D is a pinnacle trend in three-dimensional display technology that enables viewers to see the 3D image without auxiliary equipment such as glasses. The displays are designed to be viewed from any angle or position, so Naked-Eye 3D display viewers can see the 3D image regardless of where they stand.

Absen’s Naked-Eye 3D display will demonstrate its capabilities across the wide scope of its application, from high end advertising to art installations and everything in between. Absen’s high quality LED displays prove the perfect foil for the technology and the on-stand display features the HFR+ capabilities and the exceptional greyscale performance of the Absen KL1.5 II from the 8K resolution Absen KLII series of LED display.

Also on stand, Absen will demonstrate its extended reality (XR) stage solution. XR offers an immersive experience for both the performer or presenter and the virtual user. Combing both virtual and physical elements, the performer benefits from being able to see and experience live rendered content on an LED backdrop, whilst the viewer receives a seemingly impossible encounter as a seamless, immersive experience.


The possibilities of XR are endless and extend beyond the film or television set into live performance. Absen will demonstrate the wide array of applications its products are already involved with on stand, where its XR stage features Absen MR2.5 LED Display in place as flooring with Absen PL2.5 Pro V10 as backdrop walls.

Elsewhere on stand Absen will showcase its mission critical control room solution showcasing the award-winning 8K resolution CL1.2 V2 LED display from Absen’s Clear Cobalt Series.

Designed for its environment with high reliability, Absen’s Clear Cobalt Series is built upon full flip chip technology, making it proof against dust, moisture and collisions. The durability of the Clear Cobalt Series is further extended through anti oxidisation protection. 

CL 2(1).png

The visual prowess of the Clear Cobalt Series hinges upon Absen’s custom HDR image algorithm technology, producing optimum peak brightness and contrast in every frame, to display true-to-life imagery. The display is enhanced with Absen’s black coating technology lending not only an easy-to-view non-reflective surface, but vivid colour for detailed and lifelike images.

 Absenicon C Slim series is also featured on stand as the ultra slim, immersive LED panel with its all-in-one design operates in the realms of a smart TV. Highly integrated with remote controller packaged alongside all the necessary display elements needed for installation, Absenicon features an Android infrastructure, though Windows is available as an additional operating system.

Designed for the board or conference room, screen sharing from mobile devices is a breeze and up to four devices can connect witlessly at any one time. Absenicon also supports screen mirroring through computer, mobile phone and PAD screen. Absenicon takes all the power and connectivity of smart TV and scales it up to the larger more dynamic LED display. 


Absenicon’s vivid and clear display from a 110% NTSC level colour gamut and 600nits brightness, showcases the fine details vibrant colour everyone needs to see, and thanks to a 160-degree viewing angle, that’s possible as the display can been seen from either side of the room.

Absen’s integrated display solutions are second to none and the inbuilt quality designed into its solutions grant protection, strength, longevity and a streamlined grace and beauty unmatched elsewhere. Imagined with the AV integrator in mind, the Series’ presented by Absen are made for purpose. We look forward to welcoming you to Hall 12, Stand K02.  

As a leading player in the LED display market, Absen’s marketing team keeps you connected with the pulse of the industry. We curate and share the most up-to-date news, advancements, and success stories, ensuring that you stay ahead in the dynamic world of LED displays.

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