Absen Unveils Futuristic Absenicon C Ultrawide Screens

Absen Unveils Futuristic Absenicon C Ultrawide Screens that Redefine Interactions in Hybrid Meeting Spaces—A Conversation with Absen’s Industry Development Director, Darren  Banks

In the Absenicon C Ultrawide series, Absen showcases the future of ultrawide screens with all-new models featuring state-of-the-art display technology.

The demand for dynamic content display has been increasing in recent years, especially with the great advancements in technologies and software solutions for communication and collaboration, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It has revolutionized how customers and businesses approach audiovisual equipment in meeting spaces. Hence, Absen has developed the Absenicon C Ultrawide series, an innovation that will transform viewing experiences in an ever-changing world where hybrid workplace models are becoming increasingly prevalent. In a recent interview, Absen’s Industry Development Director, Darren Mathew Banks, shared with us his insights on the breakthroughs and benefits of the new ultrawide series.

As its name suggests, the Absenicon C Ultrawide series is designed to meet the needs of users who require wider aspect ratio displays in a variety of settings and spaces, such as meeting rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, and conference venues. The design and ceiling heights of rooms often limit the expansion of screen areas for conventional displays, and the Absenicon C Ultrawide series is just the perfect solution to that constraint. With a screen format that is over 33% larger screen than traditional 16:9 canvasses, the Absenicon series effectively increase screen size while maintaining the same height. This allows for more content to be shared during meetings, making it easier for participants to contribute and thus increasing the productivity of work meetings.

In addition to the ultrawide screen coverage, Banks notes the Absenicon series offers many features and benefits that reach beyond expectations and will transform any business while creating new opportunities.

Thanks to its special design, the new product series can accommodate a wide range of display scenarios, making it an ideal option for corporate customers. It supports a multitude of functions including a versatile Android player, wireless screen mirroring, USB media playback, Extron and Crestron functionality, blue light reduction, and so on. Best of all, it offers seamless integration with the latest Microsoft Teams and Zoom room sessions, enabling multiple connectivity options and high-quality collaboration across the board.

It is important to note that the new series also comes with extraordinary technical improvements. First and foremost, it boasts a cutting-edge aesthetic design that creates a sleek and elegant appearance with no bezels, delivering a borderless viewing experience. It also ensures uninterrupted and immersive viewing on larger screen formats without compromising the integrity and visuals of the content. 


With LED technology, the screens deliver enhanced color and contrast performance, as well as a high brightness output that allows content to be presented accurately under any lighting conditions. In other words, these screens are capable of producing clear and brilliant images without requiring any adjustments to the lighting of the environment. Traditionally, customers would usually have to dim the lighting of the room in order to maintain picture quality and Absen’s latest screens are a direct solution to this issue.

Moreover, the Absenicon series provides end users with a much better ROI (Return on Investment) as opposed to other conventional display technologies. The newly introduced range of screens packs a 100,000-hour ultra-long life, which means that end-user technology renewal cycles may be extended further to decrease electronic recycling waste, offering significant benefits for both customers and businesses.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Banks also further disclosed Absen’s future market layout for all-in-one products, stating that it is an important sector for Absen, in which the company will be focusing its efforts in 2023 and beyond. As seamless LED display screens continue to rapidly replace projection systems and 55’’ LCD video wall panels that are gradually becoming obsolete, Absen will ensure that the screens can be purchased easily through its extensive network of distribution partners across Europe.


In 2023, the Absenicon series will be further expanded into a comprehensive product family, with over 20 models available, including the Classic Series, Slim Series, and Ultrawide Series. This prospective move is part of Absen’s effort to broaden consumer options and delve deeper into the market for ultra-high-definition and ultrawide displays.

In the future, Absen will further diversify and expand its product lineup with the introduction of two Micro LED variations in the X and M Series to better satisfy the various demands of consumers and businesses. Specifically, the X series will be optimized for the corporate market, with an optional “interactive/touch” kit readily available for customers, whereas the M series will undergo upgrades to cater to residential applications, such as home cinemas or gaming rooms. With 1200 nits of brightness and HDR features as the standard configurations, the M series is expected to deliver exceptional visuals and a revolutionary experience.

As a leading player in the LED display market, Absen’s marketing team keeps you connected with the pulse of the industry. We curate and share the most up-to-date news, advancements, and success stories, ensuring that you stay ahead in the dynamic world of LED displays.

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