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Excellent image quality
N+ cutting-edge technologies
Wireless mirroring
From phones, computers, and tablets
Immersive vision
99% screen-to-body ratio
Remote control
Multiple functions at your fingertips
Installation method
Wall mount
mobile stands
100+ inches AIO screen
Standard sizes
116" · 130" · 158"
Integrated design
Simplicity out of complexity
Intelligent system
Android, Windows(optional)
Modular design
Revolutionary big panels

116"  130"  158"

Large screen with astounding detail

Available in 116", 130", and 158" sizes, this LED screen brings the ultimate efficiency, collaboration, immersion, and intelligent functions to business meetings, smart classrooms, and other scenarios.

Bezel-less Full-View Display

The seamless integration of 2.5mm ultra-narrow bezel and LED screen, and ultra-high 99% screen-to-body ratio provide viewers with a more immersive experience.

Integrated design with elegant simplicity

Following a "less, but better" philosophy, the all-in-one design features integrated, streamlined structure and a simple, elegant appearance.

Full screen calibration

Built-in control system

Invisible cable design

Modular big panels

Manufactured to the highest standards

    Color management technology

    Intelligent calibration for accurate colors through optimal gamut mapping enables the display to amazingly recreate the grandeur of nature

    1.07 billion

    NTSC color gamut

    Smooth grayscale gradations

    Better color accuracy

    Color management technology

    Greyscale performance enhancement

    Quadrupled grayscale performance with smooth gradations, enabling a fine rendering of details in the darkest parts, even under low screen brightness settings.

    Greyscale performance enhancement

    HFR+ mode

    The HFR+ mode (120Hz high frame rate) provides smooth high-speed video playback to capture every moment of brilliance

    HFR+ mode

    Applicable to E130 and E158 series; HFR is short for High Frame Rate

Remote control for easy operation

Remote control for on/off switches, brightness adjustment, content switching, settings, etc. An infrared & Bluetooth remote control that covers a transmission distance of 20m

on/off switches

on/off switches

brightness adjustment

brightness adjustment

content switching

content switching



Wireless screen mirroring

Versatile features such as file transfer and screen switching; handy screen mirroring from computers, phones, and tablets.

Phones or tablets serve as writing pads for instant editing and one-click screenshots. 4-section screen splitting for more intensive creative display options.

Android, iOS
Mobile phone mirroring
Windows, OS
Laptop Screen mirroring
Screen mirroring tool
Connected with computer
无线闪投, 四分屏幕

Intelligent system for better compatibility

Coming standard with an Android 8.0 operating system, Windows system operation is available through an optional OPS computer. Smooth internet connection with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band Wifi; screen mirroring and internet surfing are available at the same time

Android 8.0·Windows 10(optional)·Dual-band Wifi

Two installation options

A wall mount and mobile stands enable the device to be flexibly installed in different scenarios

Wall mount Wall mount
Mobile stands Mobile stands

*Apply to E116 and E130, E158 can only be wall mounted.

Usage scenarios

  • classrooms
  • lecture halls
  • meeting rooms
  • auditoriums
  • showrooms