Micro LED Home Theater TV
138”  165”  220”
Ultimate Cinema Experiences
4K UHD image quality
138” | 165” | 220”
Black coating
Extraordinary deep blacks
20000:1 contrast
Vivid and realistic performance
Micro LED
Next-gen display technology
Screen mirroring
High reliability
Big modular design
Easy to move in and install
Professional theater system
Ace smart home theater
Inorganic Micro
LED Technology
Featuring incredible cutting-edge technology, Absenicon M series is a Micro LED display with 8.29 million self-illuminating pixels with flip-chip COB technology. Compared with traditional LCD backlit panels, Absenicon M’s pixel dimming technology enables more vivid and realistic display performance.
Revolutionary Image Quality
The latest in COB LED technology provides unparalleled image quality with ultra-high brightness and definition as well as longer durability.



High dynamic range


Flip-chip technology


Black coating

4K UHD LED Screen
Available in three sizes, the 138",165" and 220",the mega-size display delivers the ultimate home theater experience. With four times the resolution of 1080p, the 4K display brings images into striking clarity
138  165  220

Immersive experience


4K Ultra HD image quality

MEMEC technology
Algorithm-powered instant optimization ensures smooth HFR video playing and enhanced details. Immersive blockbusters and real time games captured in riveting detail.
1200nits Brightness
Freely choose bright or dark viewing atmosphere, bid farewell to the fear of darkness.
Ultra-wide color gamut
See content how the creator envisioned, with a wider color gamut and more accurate color management.

billion colors


better color accuracy

90% BT2020

wider color gamut

MEMEC technology
1200nits Brightness
Ultra-wide color gamut
MEMEC technology
1200nits Brightness
Ultra-wide color gamut
High Performance Chip
The high-performance chip and quad-core CPU ensure excellent capability; the 4G RAM and 16G ROM meet all common storage needs; Dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 make data transmission faster and connection smoother.

large memory

Dual-band Wi-Fi

faster speed

One-touch Screen Mirroring
Mirror your phone to the display with a single touch, enjoying a more flexible entertainment experience.The 4-screen splitting feature enables easy comparison of content.

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Professional Theater System
The specialized theater system’s user-friendly operation creates a luxury
experience resembling what you get in cinemas.

* The professional stereo system is optional

High Reliability
The flip-chip COB technology effectively protects the display from external impact, providing 360° all-round protection.




Mould proof



Easy to Move in,
Flexible to Install
The modular design of the Absen super-theater display enables it to be easily transported into homes and through elevators. A wall mount and mobile stand are available for flexible installation in different environments.

Mobile stand

Wall mounting

*M165 and M220 can only be wall mounted
Reception Lobby
Luxury Living
Private Theater
Home TV
Data Description

* Relevant experimental data and effects are measured by Absen Laboratories, please refer to the actual product for specific effects.

* 4GB+16GB storage: The actual available capacity will be reduced and varied due to many factors, due to the operating system occupies part of the memory (RAM), the actual space is less than the marked memory capacity, and due to the installation of the operating system and pre-installed programs occupy part of the flash memory (ROM), the actual available storage space is less than the marked flash memory capacity.

* The screen-to-body ratio is as high as 98%. The data is obtained from Absen’s laboratory test. The screen-to-body ratio refers to the area of display/the area of the whole screen body. Due to measurement errors and subtle differences between different machines, the actual screen-to-body ratio is based on the actual product.