Absen’s Neptune Series launched for Rental and Staging Applications enables “Wise Choice, Big Stage”

Always leading innovation, Absen has developed a new range of modular LED display imbued with robust design features to meet the rigours of the rental stage market and event production, with an original design which anticipates the latest requirements of the market. Absen is proud to announce the introduction of its Neptune Series (NT).

The Neptune Series sets the bar for light weight and incorporates new features to facilitate fast and easy one-man installation. With robust edge protection the display series boasts an innovative anti-collision design in a system which enables both front and rear maintenance when time matters.

High brightness, high refresh rate, and creativity are inbuilt in the Neptune Series which offers three models, NT2.6, NT2.9 and NT3.9W, to meet the indoor and outdoor needs of the events industry. The NT3.9W outdoor model of the Neptune Series display can even be configured as stage flooring, simplifying the creation of immersive environments for every events installer.

The indoor panel models NT2.6 and NT2.9 feature 1000NIT brightness whilst the outdoor, NT3.9W model boasts a powerful 4000NITS. Across the range a high refresh rate of 3840Hz assures superior visual performance to create stunning event moments for live attendees and televised audiences alike.

The key to the adaptable modularity of the Neptune Series is its cost-effective cross platform design. Display modules from the Neptune Series with different pixel pitches can be used on the same frame at the same time. This display capability hands flexibility to the installer who can adjust the pixel pitch of the screen to effect cost savings.

Weighing in at 7.5Kg the 500 x 500mm NT panels are lightweight for transportation and simple one-man installation. The NT series also includes a weight conscious 12.5Kg 500 x 1000mm indoor panel for the fast and efficient building of large-scale screens.

Mixed vertical splicing of the different sized panels allows the display to be adjusted more flexibly and the durable locking system assists fast one-man construction. The firm vertical side connection assures screen security particularly for a hanging screen, whilst the tightly connected horizontal side lock effectively improves screen flatness between panels.

To meet the high expectations of the market, Absen’s Neptune Series adopts the most considered anti-collision design to avoid direct collision between LEDs and the ground. LEDs are fully protected at the display edge by protrusion devises and flip over protection devices at the display corners.

Once in place, displays are connected by high quality aviation cable connectors for power and data transmission. The integrity of the connectors achieves stable power and data signal transmission, combined with high-quality cables to further reduce the failure rate.

With security assured, creativity can flow. The Neptune Series provides extensive curve capabilities, able to support -7.5 degree to +10 degree adjustable curves, offering 2.5 degrees per unit of adjustment to build a variety of shapes and a more creative stage.


A variety of installation support solutions are available to hang or stack the display to easily cope with the diverse requirements of the site environment. As well as all-black hanging bars supporting hanging installation, a square truss system is also available to enable access all-important further labour and material cost savings.

Absen’s Neptune Series captures the latest event production requirements in a bright, creative and purpose built package which is why we say, “Wise Choice, Big Stage”. The NT Series is shipping now.

As a leading player in the LED display market, Absen’s marketing team keeps you connected with the pulse of the industry. We curate and share the most up-to-date news, advancements, and success stories, ensuring that you stay ahead in the dynamic world of LED displays.

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