Explore the Advanced Manufacturing Process in Absen’s COB Manufacturing

With the mass production of upstream materials and technological advancement, the market for micro LED displays has seen rapid growth in geographic rotation and more application scenarios. LED display manufacturers worldwide are actively tapping into the market of flip-chip COB, a major technology for micro LEDs.

Aspiring to provide the most advanced flip-chip COB LED displays, Absen has been engaging in the deployment of such technology since 2016, achieving superior performance in international markets. As a pacesetter for flip-chip COB technology, Absen has invested heavily in COB LED production to accelerate the technology’s mass adoption. Let’s explore the advanced manufacturing process in Absen’s COB manufacturing center that produces its true-to-life image quality.


Entering the facility, the first thing that comes into view is the automated assembly line, with robotic arms moving back and forth in impressive fashion. When designing the production facility, Absen incorporated the MES & SCADA systems with hundreds of data collection points, which enables complete production monitoring, and provides strong impetus to quality and process improvement. Since the opening of the phase-II COB facility, Absen’s competitiveness in the high-end micro display market has been greatly enhanced.


Going deeper into the production area, the eye-catching manufacturing process of COB light boards unfolds before our eyes. This further highlights Absen’s strength in advanced manufacturing. The detailed introduction from the interpreter explains the Class 10K clean key area, the three-stage air filtration system, the 10^9Ω PVC static dissipative floor, and the all-round ESD protection for workers in the facility. The meticulous attention to detail represents Absen’s adherence to the highest quality standards.


High-precision machines, standardized processes, and excellent quality management systems have enable the emergence of Absen’s “black, brilliant, cool, and strong” COB products. They have also laid a solid foundation for Absen’s leadership in the micro LED market. Absen’s flip-chip COB LED displays are widely deployed in control rooms, studios, lobbies, high-end commercial purposes and many other scenarios, with significant demand from users worldwide.


COB technology represents a revolution in the display industry. As micro LEDs see growing demand and the market of COB LED displays booms, Absen’s COB manufacturing center provides strong support for it to further expand production capacity and take advantage of market opportunities. Believing that “quality is the cornerstone of a manufacturing enterprise” and aiming to “create maximum value for our customers”, Absen aims to make its COB manufacturing center the anchor for future development, and a strong support for it to reach new heights.

As a leading player in the LED display market, Absen’s marketing team keeps you connected with the pulse of the industry. We curate and share the most up-to-date news, advancements, and success stories, ensuring that you stay ahead in the dynamic world of LED displays.

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