What is Absen’s Maintenance Service?

Maintenance services are tailored to each customer's screen conditions and requirements, including: module repair, on-site service, regular inspections, spare parts replacement, etc. Service Content: 1. Online Technical Support: Professional online acceptance and fault handling process provided via the service hotline. Upon calling the after-sales service hotline, service experts and R&D quality experts will provide customers with a response and information about specialized online acceptance and troubleshooting process. 2. Faulty Parts Repair Customers can send faulty parts to Absen's designated service center for repair. After the faulty parts have been repaired, they will be mailed back to the customer by Absen. 3. On-Site Service: Professional engineers can be dispatched by Absen to perform repairs on-site. 4. Training Service: Training on product knowledge, daily usage, and maintenance 5. Customized Service: Absen provides tailored services based on customer needs.

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