Highlights of Absen at LED China and ISLE 2020

The pandemic has caused the global trade shows and forums cancelled or postponed. With the epidemic situation in China under control, some trade shows have announced restart after postponement, going both offline and virtual. Two major shows in the industry in China took place most recently.

The International Signs & LED Exhibition – ISLE 2020 took place from August 31 to September 2 in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Shenzhen World) with 160,000㎡ exhibition area. Almost during the same time, September 1-3, LED China 2020 was hosted in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in the same city. 

Visitors could experience the leading company’s latest LED technology at its partner’s booth and at a few forums at both shows. Also they could listen to the insights into the industry from Absen’s experts.

Aries (AX1.5) at Novastar’s booth at LED China 2020

At booth#1-C01, Absen’s partner Novastar showcased a range of latest control solutions, including the HDR Master 4K solution that supports HDR video source conversion, transmission and decoding of HDR format video. Absen sponsored 5×5 pieces of LED panels of AX1.5 for Novastar to best present the HDR Master 4K solution.  


DW2.9 at a range of forums at ISLE 2020

Absen sponsored a piece of 42sqm LED video wall for ISLE to support four industry forums held in Hall 12 of Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, including the Win-win Cooperation Information Audiovisual Industry Summit 2020 on August 31. With stunning visual performance and wide viewing angle, the LED wall was used as backdrop on the stage to display presentations and help the communication between the presenters and the audience.


DW series is a rental product with lightweight and thin design, featuring only 6.8kg per panel and a 70mm depth. It offers a number of advantages including fast set-up and maintenance thanks to the modular magnetic design, the ability to create curves of -5 to +5 degrees and the special 8-in-1 flight case design which helps save cost on space and transportation. DW series is perfect for various events of any sizes.

Stone Shi, CTO of Absen, and Terry Zhu, Product Director of Absen, delivered keynote speeches at LED China 2020 and ISLE 2020 resprectively

At the 5G+8K UHD Display Industry Forum that took place on September 1 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Stone Shi, CTO of Absen delivered a speech and shared his insights into the MiniLED and MicroLED technologies and challenges, as well as Absen’s leading display solutions. On the same day, Terry Zhu, Product Director of Absen, gave speech on the Development and Application of MiniLED Technology in Fine Pixel Pitch LED Industry. 


CTO of Absen, Stone Shi, at LED China 2020

Advancement of core technologies in chips, packaging, and control system has further narrowed LED pixel pitch, from regular pitch (PP>2.5mm) to the small pixel pitch (2.5mm<pitch<1mm), and then to the fine pitch (1mm<pitch<0.5mm), which has seen continuous technology breakthroughs. And currently, how to improve the stability and reliability of pixels, especially the ‘caterpillars’ prevention and the physical protection of LEDs are still the most in-demand technology in the industry in the short term.


Product Director of Absen, Terry Zhu, at ISLE 2020

Committed to providing its global customers with the best, Absen has been keeping investing in R&D of technology innovation. The company boasts a line-up of MiniLED products including Aries series, Acclaim Pro series, HC series as well as CR series. Featuring the IMD 4-in-1 technology, these ranges provide greater pixel density, visual performance and ruggedness, delivering 2.5x times the pixel strength.

Absen Recognized with four prominent awards

1.     Excellent Display Product at ISLE 2020 for Aries (AX1.5)

Aimed at professional rental companies for high-end corporate events, conferences, auto shows, e-gaming competitions and broadcast applications, Absen’s Aries series features 4-in-1 IMD (Integrated Matrix Device) technology, is 2.5x stronger than standard SMD LED. It supports the latest HDR10 standard, which means that Aries delivers a higher dynamic range with pure whites, deep blacks and a wider colour gamut.


2.     ‘Best of Year’ Enterprise wit Rock-solid Development


3.     Leading LED Enterprise Awards under ‘Craftsman Cup’


4.     Enterprise with Integrity under ‘Craftsman Cup’

As a leading player in the LED display market, Absen’s marketing team keeps you connected with the pulse of the industry. We curate and share the most up-to-date news, advancements, and success stories, ensuring that you stay ahead in the dynamic world of LED displays.

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