ISLE Rounds Off: An Array of Absen Products and Solutions Made a Stunning Appearance

On May 13, 2021, Shenzhen International Sign & LED Exhibition (ISLE) rounded off at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. With more than 1,200 exhibitors from all over the world and an exhibition area of 80,000 square meters, the event attracted multitudinous industry experts and entrepreneurs.

Standing out among the stellar exhibitors as a world-leading LED display manufacturer,Absen fascinated visitors and potential clients with high-quality innovative products and creative presentations. Let’s have a closer look at what new products and technologies Absen showcased at the four-day exhibition.

The global debut of MicroLED product

The MicroLED product debuting globally is based on Absen’s proprietary HCCI technology and integrated with inverted COB encapsulation technology, Absen’s HDR3.0 core algorithm, and intelligent display technology, allowing it to achieve high brightness, high contrast ratio, low power consumption, and intelligent display, as well as provide customers with leading LED display products with excellent viewing effects and experiences.

Multi-product solutions hand in hand

In addition to the two debuting heavyweight products and solutions, Absen also built upon the KLiCon series intelligent conference screens, iCon3.0 series high-end intelligent conference screens, and N plus series products. It also built and exhibited a cutting-edge conference hall, cloud video conference room, FXMirror 3D fitting room, which covered three industries.

Helping build of a rich media smart screen for Xinhuanet

As a national key news media, Xinhuanet leverages on its advantages to fuse the industry’s cutting-edge technologies and empower the digital transformation and modernization of various fields and industries. At ISLE, Absen and Xinhuanet worked together to create a 180㎡ rich media smart screen display area, which showcased Xinhuanet’s 5G rich media achievements in a three-dimensional and integrated form, attracting a large number of visitors to experience the product.

At the exhibition, Mr. Ding Chongbin, General Manager of Absen, was interviewed by Xinhua

Awards and Accolades

The exhibition organizer also held a grand award ceremony to commend companies and products presenting core technology and excellent performance. Absen was granted the All-in-One Innovation Product Award, Excellent Display Product Award, and the “Fifth Greatest Invention” Technological Innovation Enterprise Award among others. These awards showed recognition and encouragement of the organizer ISLE. In the future, we will stick to our mission and keep moving forward.

There were countless other new products and technologies Absen showcased at the event. The outstanding capabilities of innovative products, professional product development and management, premier product delivery and strict quality control shown by Absen at ISLE has given customers home and abroad a better knowledge of the brand, which is critical to extending the company’s brand power, influence, and competitiveness.
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Absen at ISLE 2021
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