LED solutions are used in a wide range of markets, including retail, commercial display, rental & staging, DOOH, corporate and more. Discover the Absen LED solutions that will suit your needs and explore the possibilities.




Absen DOOH LED display solutions bring your brand advertising to life.


Enhance customer engagement and brand recognition with Absen's interactive and creative LED displays.
commercial display

Commercial Display

Make an impression with Absen's high-quality and customizable LED displays for commercial spaces.


Upgrade your corporate environment with Absen's seamless and reliable LED solutions.


Efficiently achieve data visualization presentation, facilitate government units to timely and effectively mobilize various resources.


Rich broadcasting presentation forms, increasingly interactive, providing a better visual experience.


Entering a new era of smart education with high brightness, big sizes, ultra-clear LED screens.

Rental & Staging

Absen's rental & staging LED products cater to versatile indoor/outdoor events and virtual production, creating immersive visual effects for diversified stages and shooting environments.


Absen sports LED display solutions built to stand out on stadium.
religious sites

Religious Sites

Create unforgettable worship experiences with Absen's visually stunning LED displays for places of worship.


Absen DooH LED display solutions bring your brand‘s advertising to life.

Creating Perfect Viewing Experience and Improve Brand Awareness

Various standard-sized, outdoor, high-definition LED displays bring bright colors and vivid images to the audience, accurately conveying the advertiser’s brand information and helping improve sales.

Product Highlights

Absen provides technologically advanced, high-quality, safe, and reliable LED displays, helping customers increase their advertising revenue.
Meet the personalized needs of customers with various features: high brightness, energy-saving, high-definition displays, stable & reliable performance, low operating costs, fast installation & maintenance, and naked-eye 3D creativity. Every LED display presents an opportunity to capture advertising revenue. Widely applied in various segmented scenarios from billboards, digital spectaculars, digital signage, street furniture, transit centers, sports applications, etc. Maximize business value for global customers.

DOOH Applications

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