MovieChrome Enhances film making capabilities with Absen Pixel Reality LED

MovieChrome, an impressive video production company located in the heart of Milan, has transformed its state-of-the-art facilities, integrating a cutting-edge virtual production studio to enhance its offering to clients. Pioneering as the first virtual studio to use Absen’s Pixel Reality (PR) series, the team at MovieChrome is now fully equipped to bring to life visionary projects, with unparalleled realism.

Virtual Production, an expanding filmmaking method, is experiencing rapid global growth.  By combining live-action footage with computer-generated imagery in real-time, VP allows filmmakers to craft immersive and realistic environments without the constraints or expense of location shooting. From films and commercials to fashion shows and product launches, virtual production is being used to create a new generation of immersive and engaging content. 

Boasting a large pool of skilled filmmakers, Italy has emerged as a significant hub embracing this technique. Based in the creative centre, in Milan, MovieChrome has established itself as an innovative video production house, launching its tabletop department back in 2018, which has since become a benchmark service in the international special effects market. With six studios, a video/audio equipment rental service, and a team of high-end professionals, the company has a strong pedigree offering competitive and progressive services to its clients. Its latest evolution has seen the launch of the MovieChrome Pixel Reality Studio, an extremely impressive, purpose-built studio complete with Absen’s latest LED, the PR series, designed specifically for VP.

“Going into the project we wanted our virtual production setup to be state-of-the-art, really push the boundaries and enhance our filmmaking capabilities,” explains Edoardo Mari, Partner and Executive Producer at MovieChrome Milan. “We chose to work with Absen due to their reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable LED solutions tailored for the film industry. The Pixel Reality LED wall really stood out for its exceptional image quality and the flexibility it offered for various types of production.”

The requirements were clear; high-resolution imaging, seamless integration with the existing production workflow and the flexibility to create hyper-realistic virtual environments. The key challenge was working within the limitation of studio space, whilst still providing an expansive virtual environment necessary for productions.

The setup now consists of 75 square meters of Absen’s PR 2.5 with a striking Curved LED display as its centrepiece, and an LED ceiling designed to expand the creative digital canvas. The Absen team worked closely with MovieChrome’s technical team, customising the setup so it was strategically positioned in the main production studios, maximising space efficiency and enhancing the visual depth of the virtual sets.  

As an all-in-one solution for VP, the PR series narrow pixel pitches suit LED backdrops as images can be captured even at close range, whilst the high brightness provides optimal lighting needed for ceilings. The PR series has been developed for excellent in-camera visual effects, allowing virtual assets to be captured in vibrant detail. The 99.9% DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage allows creators to use precise colour reproduction and the capability to display smooth video at a high frame rate, supports innovative VP techniques such as frame remapping, which realizes multi-camera shooting of the same object.

“We have seen a transformative change in our production service capabilities. The LED wall has enabled us to create more immersive and visually stunning scenes, significantly expanding the creative possibilities for our filmmakers. The collaboration between Absen and our team played a key role in ensuring our new LED seamlessly integrated with our existing technology, making the transition very smooth,” comments Edoardo.

“We are extremely proud to have worked with MovieChrome to bring their new VP studio to life. Our advanced PR series panels utilised in MovieChrome’s meticulously designed studio has crafted an incredible space to foster the creativity and vision of filmmakers and content creators. It is a true testament to MovieChrome’s identity as not just a service provider, but as innovators and enablers of the next generation of cinematic storytelling” says Max Xiao, Regional Manager of Southern Europe, Absen.

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