Unlocking a New Chapter: Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Centre is now in full operation

On October 10th, the inauguration ceremony of Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Centre’s Research and Development Building was held. As the core center of R&D and production in the future, Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Centre is now fully open, bringing strong momentum to the Group’s development.


△ Mr. Hansen   Ding , Chairman of Absen, attended the ceremony together with his management team

Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Centre is located in Dongjiang High-tech Industrial Park, a part of the Zhongkai High-Tech Development Zone in Huizhou City. It was built in two phases with a total investment of over 160 million dollars. The center covers an area of 108 thousand square meter s with a total construction area of 200 thousand square meters. It is an integration of product research and development, intelligent manufacturing, exhibition, warehousing and logistics, sales and service, which serves as the main base for Absen to drive digital transformation and achieve high-quality development.


Self-innovation to strengthen the intelligent manufacturing capabilities

To meet the growing global market demand, Absen adheres to independent research and development, and continuously strengthens its intelligent manufacturing capabilities to present the splendor of “Intelligent Manufacturing in China” on the international stage. With advanced automated production lines and logistics systems, combined with SAP, MES and SCADA systems, Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Centre has achieved digital and intelligent management across the entire manufacturing process, thereby effectively improving production efficiency and product quality while laying a solid foundation for Absen’s global expansion.

In order to continuously improve production capacity and better serve global customers, Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Centre separates production lines and comprehensively implemented differentiated operation and management. At present, it is equipped with PCBA, Commercial Display, DOOH, Rental & Staging, Data Visualization, iCon product workshops, with an annual production capacity of up to 1 million square meters of LED displays. In view of the new energy business, a production line of energy storage products is also planned in the center, with an annual capacity of up to2GWH.


△  Intelligent Manufacturing Workshop


△ Warehouse Center

Enjoy an elevated experience in the new digitalized showroom

On the first floor of the R&D building of Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Center, there is a newly built global showroom – Trusted Display Experience Hall is a brand-new window for Absen to showcase its brand image, products, services, and achievements to customers, partners, and the public.

The trusted display experience hall is divided into Display Gallery, Trusted Display Hall, Innovative Absen Hall, Futuristic Absen Hall, Application Scenario Hall, etc. Based on the modern design concept of combining display, interaction and experience, the hall is equipped with advanced digital technology for a comprehensive presentation of the history of the display industry, the history of Absen’s development, as well as the history of its products and services, standing as a shining business card for Absen.


People-oriented, comprehensive work-life support facilities

Absen attaches great importance to the well-being of its employees and their sense of belonging to the company. Thus, Absen is committed to creating a healthy, green and sustainable office environment, so as to provide employees with a comfortable and efficient working and living space.


△ Office


△ Meeting room

In addition to the modernized office area, Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Centre also houses a series of lifestyle facilities such as staff dormitories, badminton courts, gymnasiums, basketball courts, recreational parks, and convenience stores, which organically integrates production, office, housing, and recreation. This is a perfect place for each and every employee to lead a healthier and happier work life.


△ Recreation area


△basketball court

Intelligent manufacturing is a manifestation of the profound integration of information technology and industrialization, and an important direction for the transformation of the global manufacturing industry. While China’s manufacturing industry is moving towards digitization, networking and intelligence, the building and launching of the Intelligent Manufacturing Center boosts Absen’s production and manufacturing capabilities, marking a key step in furthering its strategic globalization agenda.

In the future, Absen will continue to drive digital transformation with technological innovation, so as to further foster the synergy of the industrial chain and contribute vitality and impetus to the optimization and upgrading of the industrial ecosystem. We look forward to working closely with more like-minded partners in order to kick off a new chapter of high-quality development.

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